Back in my old trousers

Yesterday morning I was looking for clean, ironed, clothes to wear for work and spotted the trousers I bought when I lost a few pounds about 18 months ago. They didn’t fit me for very long then. Having dropped a size I got lax and the weight crept back. I thought ‘they might fit in another couple of weeks’. Then, remember that I keep finding bits of me that are not there (if you see what I mean – if not, read on) I thought ‘oh, give it a go, you don’t expect them to fit so you wont be disappointed if they don’t’.

They did!
I can get back into my trousers!
They do!

It’s not a flattering photograph – well you try taking a shot in a reflection in the mirror with your old camera because your ‘good’ one is playing up. When you’ve just got in from work.

Yep, just got in from work – after wearing them (and eating two meals and a snack) they still fit, still do up, no urge to undo the button.

But I mustn’t get complacent. This is my usual danger time. I lose a bit, I start to feel ever-so-slightly smug, and allow myself a bit of a slip. Which usually develops into a landslide.

The goal now is that 12 weeks into the Photo-diet Project (this is the start of week six) the trousers should be too big.

Onwards and downwards.

Oh yes, what did I mean by ‘finding bits of me that aren’t there?’ I first noticed it when pulling on skirts or trousers, either when dressing or in the loo. My behind isn’t as far behind as it was. Bits of flesh that I could feel when adjusting my bra strap, aren’t there anymore. My face looks thinner in the mirror. It might not be enough for other people to notice and comment on but I can feel it. And it feels good!


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