Colourful = low cal?

Here’s a strange thing. The more care I take with food preparation, making my lunchbox look nice, the lower in calories it tends to be. And when it looks nice I find that less satisfies me. Maybe it’s because more of the senses are satisfied – not just the sense of taste but sight and smell too. So I take more time actually enjoying the food rather than just scoffing it. That way my body has time to tell me it’s eaten enough before I have too much.

lunch 25/7/07 strawberries & peach slices

Today’s food is very pretty with lots of bright colours (and we are told that a rainbow of food colours gives us a wider variety of vitamins and minerals and other goodies) but I’m way below my calorie limit. I figure if I’m going to have less, it should be nicer, so I appreciate it more.


I’ve tried a different box for today’s food as there were two items, the prawns and the guacamole, that I wanted to keep separate. The box is a Lock’n’Lock, like my others, but this is a long one meant for storing bacon. The two separate containers are the dividers from a smaller box of the same width but different length.


One Response to “Colourful = low cal?”

  1. bbwdiet Says:

    i agree!

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