Actively dieting works for me

No, I don’t mean lots of exercise, though of course that helps. I shall be back at my water aerobics class tonight after a short break. SO can’t participate at the moment as he had had an operation on his leg but he can drive and will drive me there and bring me home. Such a sweetie. I’m hoping that it will be Stella taking the class tonight as she is very good and enthusiastic.

Anyway, what do I mean by ‘actively dieting’? Well, I’ve always found dieting to be quite a negative thing to do. I know it’s done for positive reasons – health, looks, self-esteem, all that good stuff – but dieting seemed to be about what you can’t do and what you can’t have.

But since I’ve been photo-dieting that’s all changed. I’m actively photographing my food, and therefore thinking about what it looks like, what I’ll eat. Actively making the mosaics at the end of the day, thus marking the end of eating for that day. Actively participating in the flickr group I started for this – the Photo-diet Project. Actively looking at the photos the other photo-dieters are posting and commenting on them.

Such a lot of activity, no wonder it feels like I’m doing something. And now I’m posting on here and looking at other blogs. Some people get a lot of support from going along to Weight Watchers or Slimming World or any number of similar groups. But that’s just once a week and is expensive. I can log on to flickr or on here and there are people looking at what I’m doing. I think that’s important.

It works for me, anyway. Well it has for five and a half weeks, I hope it continues to do so. I don’t see why it shouldn’t.


4 Responses to “Actively dieting works for me”

  1. Jason Says:

    What a fun idea! I can say I have NEVER heard of photo dieting, so to speak. And how often do we seriously see something fresh and new. So many ideas seem to be recreations or recylces from old ideas. Yours is not!!
    I took my first picutre yesterday when I made a tequila lime chicken recipe (i added the recipe to my wordpress and yum. The picture was as good as it tasted.
    Great idea! Keep them coming!

  2. jacqib Says:

    Thanks, Jason. I’ve marked your site to go and look at over the weekend. I’d never heard of photo dieting so I guess I may just have invented it. It was kind of ‘anti-inspired’ (can there be such a thing? I guess I mean ‘a reaction against’) the stupid TV programmes where a so-called doctor hauls everything out of the cupboards, fridge and freezer of an overweight person and confronts them with it, telling them that’s what they eat every week. Then makes them eat strange nuts and seeds when just weaning them off the chocolate and full-fat coke and cutting out the fried foods would do just as well. I mean, please! Are we really expected to believe people end each week with empty cupboards and fridges and start all over again? That none of the chocolate is for the kids?

    Then I saw the flickr group ‘A Week of Food’ which was inspired by the Time photo essay What the World Eats’ and the idea formed in my mind.

    At the end of my first week I’d learned a lot about what I was really eating. I also created the flickr group Photo-diet Project partly so I could add text not just to the photos or the set but incidential, and in the hope that maybe others would join me and we could support each other.

    Four weeks on it’s doing well. Of the 18 members (as of 27/7/07) at least seven are actively recording their photos most days with quite a few doing it every day.

  3. Dianne Says:

    That’s really fascinating Jacquib – I too would never have thought of photographing what I eat! Sometimes it would be a real wall of shame, but now I am dieting – in stages – generally most plates would look OK, if not positively saintly sometimes.

    It’s true that healthy food tends to be so colorful and bright and amazing to look at. Some vegetables and fruits are very photogenic – they might be considered works of photographic art! I’m thinking of peppers, tomatoes, heads of broccoli. Whereas a pile of mashed potato might not have the same visual impact!

  4. Richard Darige Says:

    Great stuff really liked the article, keep posting!

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