Enjoying the fruits of summer

We’ve been having summer puddings now that the berries are plentiful. I’ve got lots of recipes for this, but they are all basically the same. My SO has been making the puddings this year and has proved to be very good at it.

summer pudding & Elmlea light

Line a pudding basin with slices of day-old white bread.
Gently cook a mixture of berries – (blueberries, blackberries, redcurrants, what-ever-you-have) lightly cooked with a little sugar or sweetener (if you use sugar it will help ‘keep’ the fruit for a little longer) and possibly some wine or spices if wanted. Strawberries are great in this but don’t cook them, add them after the cooking.
Pour enough of the juice onto the bread so that the bread soaks up the juice. Then put the fruit into the bread-lined bowl.
Then put a ‘lid’ of bread on top, cover the bowl and put some kind of weight on top to push it all down (a can of something from the larder would do).
Refrigerate overnight.
Next day you can slice and serve it with ice cream, or cream or – as here – lower-cal cream substitute.
Because the fruit has been cooked and preserved it will keep for quite a number of days in the fridge.
You can also make an autumn version with plums, blackberries, etc.
I recently discovered that years ago it was called ‘spa pudding’ because people visiting health spas to lose weight were given it instead of pie.


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