posh cheese & tomato lunch

The most delicious lunch I ever had was simple tomatoes on toast eaten in the shade of a sun umbrella at a table in Split, in Croatia. It looked, tasted and smelled so fresh and delicious.

Looking around the kitchen at the weekend for ideas for lunch I found I some goats cheese, a variety of tomatoes and some tiger bread (crusty white bread made with sesame). I also discovered a forgotten bottle of basil oil that I’d bought for putting on lettuce leaves to make them less uninteresting.

goat's cheese, tomatoes and basil oil on bread

The bread was too fresh to spoil by putting it into the toaster. I was going to spray it with olive oil but, having found the basil-infused oil, decided to use that instead. It isn’t in a spray but the top does have a plastic device which looked as tough it should stop me from pouring too much at once.

Or so I thought. After I spread the oil over the bread and mopped up as much of the excess as I could I put an assortment of sliced cherry tomatoes over the bread and then sprinkled them with Maldon sea salt flakes. The goats cheese was thickish slices so I cut those in half to make slices of the same diameter but half the thickness.

I popped them under a hot grill (it was heating while I was slicing the cheese & tomatoes) and ate the result in the garden in the sunshine.

I’ll definitely do it again – but with less oil!


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