Getting back on track

Things have been strange in my world for a while. My partner had a motorbike accident seven weeks ago (see my ‘Countdown to Fifty’ blog for the story).

 For the first few days I forgot to eat (I never thought I’d ever do that!) then I ate way too much chocolate for a while. Add to that a two week holiday in Italy with lots of red wine, ice cream and pasta (on the plus side, for my figure, a lot of walking while sightseeing, too). I haven’t put all the weight back on and I can still get into the smaller trousers I boasted about in an earlier post. But I need to get serious again.

I’ve joined the flickr group 365 Days. You post a self-portrait for each day of the year. For my day 5 picture I posted this

with the following “I need to lose 4 or 5 stone (56 to 70 pounds)”.

Someone commented “4 or 5 stone!!! you’ve got some ambition.”

I will prove that I can do it! 
As well as using the 365 I’m getting back on track with the Photo-diet Project (where I am now ‘photo-dieter’) and using the the photocena – come and have a look.


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