Restarting the photo-dieting for 2008

I lost eleven pounds last summer with the photo-dieting.

This year I plan to lose a stone (14 pounds) by Easter, another stone by the end of August and a third stone by the end of 2008.

366/03: Thursday, 3rd January

As well as photographing everything I eat and making sure that I give the day an end by uploading that day’s photos and doing a mosaic (I then can’t have any more calories that day) I’m also taking the following steps:

I’ve bought a smaller plate and a smaller pasta bowl for stews and the like (that’s them in the photo above).
I’ll be ‘cooking for the freezer’ and freezing in one-person portions (I’ve ordered some more lock & lock boxes for this)
I’ll have a food plan for the week and only buy what I need – and use it all up, no more food wasted in the fridge.
I also want to try two new recipes each month.

I hope my flickr 365 days photos will show a slimmer fitter me as the year goes by.


One Response to “Restarting the photo-dieting for 2008”

  1. Karen Says:

    OMG! This is hysterical! You’ve got a great sense of humour!

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