Is 1200 too low?

I’m having trouble sticking to my self-imposed limit of 1200 kcals per day. In fact, I’ve not yet managed it.

Here’s Monday’s food:
1348 kcals. If I’d not had the hot cross bun I would have been below 1200, though.

At least I’m staying below 1500. I guess if I allowed myself 1500 I’d be going over that.

I’ve taken some photos as what I hope will become ‘before’ photos. I’m posting them in the flickr group 52 weeks to thinner healthier self. They are scary but I need to be scared or I will never get rid of the blubber.


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2 Responses to “Is 1200 too low?”

  1. Rubenesque Angel Says:

    Hi there, I came to your blog through your Flickr page. From a medical perspective it’s typically advised that one not eat below 1,200/day, unless told to do by a Dr/specialist/etc, as it can force your body to go into “emergency starvation mode” and have the exact opposite affect of what you’re trying to accomplish, because your body will latch onto everything you put into it, instead of metabolizing it normally (as it – your body – thinks that it’s in a time of crisis and needs to hold onto everything). I speak from experience here, I assure you.

    For over a year I’ve eaten between 1,200-1,400 calories (and 30 or less grams of total fat) a day (absolutely never more calories or fat, sometimes less though) and lost (so far, still have more to lose) 82.5 pounds (over the course of 13.5 months). Medical reasons prevent me from being physically able to do almost any exercise, so all of the weight that I’ve lost has been through diet alone.

    I’ve never been a big eater though (my weight gain was due to medical reasons/medication side effects, not overeating) so I find that this number of cals usually gets me through the day.

    Anyhoooo, enough about me 🙂 Best of luck to you with your own goals!! I’ll be checking in on your blog again 🙂

  2. jacqib Says:

    Thanks for that. I did know that if you went below 1000 your body went into ‘famine mode’. I didn’t know that 1200 did the same. I seldom go that low. Sounds like you’ve done really well, fantastic results. I’vre really got to stop finding excuse to comfort eat (or, better still, change my life so that the things that I use as an excuse no longer happen). Would love to look at your flickrstream.

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