Coming out of hibernation

Saturday, 22nd March

After a good start last year with the photo-dieting when I lost nearly a stone I went astray after my partner’s accident in September followed by two holidays and Christmas. Then the winter hibernation kicked in. I always forget, when it isn’t winter, how badly I can be affected by SAD. Last year was probably worse as the winter followed an almost total lack of summer in the UK and some traumatic events in my personal life.

But now it’s spring. The days are longer, I’m getting more daylight,and I can feel that I am a new person again. More inclined to take exercise and to get things done.

I’ve been to water aerobics this (Sunday) afternoon and swam fifteen lengths after the 45 minute session. I knew the summer version of my brain had kicked in when I started wondering if it was feasible for me to go for a swim everyday. I already go to water aerobics on Friday evenings (straight from work) and on Wednesday evening if my partner is home to drive me there and I’m not at the theatre.

So my plan at the moment (and it might change, I might not keep it up) is to get back to the calorie counting, the food planning and the photo-dieting; to exercise everyday; and to listen to my Paul McKenna I can make you thin CD at least twice a week. The ideal plan for the Paul McKenna would be to listen to the I can make you thin every other day and his Confidence the days in between. But my guess is that wont happen.

Anyway, watch this space.



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