Nutrition: What I ate today

This is how my food was divided up today.
The tick is because it is pretty close to what weightlossresources say it should be.
But I only had 2.1 portions of fruit and veg, which is not nearly enough and nowhere near my usual. This is the first time I’ve tried making something like this in photoshop (or anything else).

The photo below is what I actually ate.

 1003 calories

Breakfast: 100g Optivita pineapple dessert, small tin of pineapple (with the juice in a glass) and a 90 cal Special K bar.

Lunch: 4 savours, one 16g Cote Sud cheese with nuts, 16g Cote Sud cheese with cucumber & chives, 32g cherry tomatoes
Mid afternoon munchies: 26g Dairy Milk Turkish Delight

Dinner: steak (74g), boiled potatoes (160g), mushrooms (50g), orange peppers (26g), petit pois (46g)

Total: including spray oil for the frying and 200ml lemonade on waking:
1003 calories; 40g protein; 140g carbs; 32g fat; 9.5g fibre; only 2.1 fruit & veg


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