Sponsored London to Brighton Bike Ride

My lovely, supportive SO is going to cycle from London to Brighton on Sunday (15th June). It’s to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

I am especially proud of him because nine months ago he had a horrible motorcycle accident when a roe deer ran into his bike while he was travelling to work. He broke his shoulder-blade, his collarbone, five ribs – all on his left side – and his right wrist was smashed so badly that the consultant told him that the end of the bone was crushed to a powder. Because he was broken both sides he couldn’t even feed himself at first.

He has worked so hard to get fit and well. He still has pain in his neck and he is having a long course of treatment from an osteopath. The osteopath has recommended that he has an operation to correct the collarbone as his should slopes downwards.

We live fifty miles from London so he will be staying with a London-based friend the night before the ride and will have to cycle 12 miles from the friend’s house to the official starting place before cycling the 56 miles to Brighton. So he’ll be cycling almost 60 miles.

If you would like to sponsor him you can do so at http://www.justgiving.com/thunderace. All donations welcome, large or small.

The name Thunderace is both the type of motorcycle he favours (his beloved blue Thunderace was written off in the accident) and his flickr name. You can check out his photographs at flickr


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