Frozen Banana Treats

I have a personal trainer (yes, me, really!) and we’ve been discussing my food choices. I explained that while I eat lots of healthy food the emphasis was on lots. I told her I can keep chocolate in the fridge and just eat a little bit but that my current downfall was choc ices because you can’t have ‘just a bit’ of a choc ice.

Her face told me, before her words did, that eating choc ices is not a good thing – full of lots of bad stuff, apparently. If I thought about it, I’d realise I knew that.  So she suggested frozen bananas with chocolate sauce or maple syrup.

Yep, I can already hear you saying ‘but chocolate sauce and maple syrup is not healthy!’ You’re right it isn’t. But, as Estella (my PT) said, you’re only eating a little bit.

Her suggestion is to cut the bananas up into chunks and then put chocolate sauce or maple syrup over them – just drizzle it on they don’t have to be covered – then freeze them. I’m going to try this in July when I get home from my holidays. But, as I have real chocolate in the fridge and don’t want to buy chocolate sauce (especially as I don’t need the additives) I’m going to melt down some of the good chocoalte and use that. I might use cocktail sticks to stick into the bananas to hold them like a lolly. I’ll post a picture and let you know how they turned out when I do them.


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