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Photo-diet:- Monday, 28th July 2008

July 28, 2008

Simply delicious muesli from Dorset Cereals (35g) and 40g raspberries
I ate the three ‘crispy bites’ (20g) soon after as I was still hungry. 107cals!

Spice Sensations couscous, prawns, cucumber, spring onion and tomato

Fruit & dessert:
an orange that was sitting in the fridge, 175g Rainier cherries, 78g strawberries, 135g peach and 100g (half a tub) of Optifit probiotic dessert – peach and passionfruit.

The cous cous was half the packet (my SO got the other half). It came free with one of my foodie magazines and I knew that if I put it away in a drawer it would never get used. It’s not bad. I suspect that half a pack is more than I need.

Monday, 28th July 2008

Monday night is sausage night – we have lots of Supreme Sausages in the freezer. Tonight we had pork, venison and mushroom sausages. There are six to the pound so I cook three and we have one and a half each. One is probably enough for me and I should learn to listen to my body. I could have the other half with Tuesday’s lunch. I did mashed potato (with a little bit of carrot as there were some left in the fridge and peas because I was too hot to be bothered to cook any more intersting veg. I did do onions and mushrooms with it. The SO dished up and so it didn’t get weighed. Hey ho, we were both tired and hot. So hot that we opened a bottle of chilled rose. Sometimes you have to go with what feels right.

No packed lunch tomorrow as I am going to be in a meeting where lunch will be provided.


Product Reviews / Taste Tests

July 28, 2008

Sometimes I see something in the shops or the market and think ‘ah yes, I’ve tried that before, now then, did I like it?’ So I’ve decided that I will log new stuff on here so I know if it’s worth buying again. Particularly useful to check before going to shows and exhibitions – tickets are now on sale for the BBC Good Food Show at the end of November.

Spice Sensation Cous Cous

July 28, 2008

Product Review
Where from?
Available in all (UK) supermarkets. This packet came free with one of the food magazines I got at the weekend (either BBC Good Food or Olive).

No idea (I’ll check when I’m next in a supermarket)

Number of servings?
I divided this into two for lunch for myself and my SO. A third of the packet would have been ample for me (I had it with prawns, cucumber, spring onion and tomatoes).

Cous and dried vegetables and spices. Just add water and a little butter or oil (optional).

Ease of Use?
Couldn’t be simpler – see above.

Taste Test
Quite pleasant. Good texture – no clumpy bits. I usually make my own cous cous but this was good and particularly good if in a hurry – no spices and veggies to prepare (although I did add cucumber, spring onion and tomatoes.

Would I use it Again?

Parampara Starterz: Chicken with Capsicum and Onion

July 28, 2008

Product Review
Where from?
At the BBC Good Food Show last December I bought ten different mixes for making various spicy dishes. Mostly, the mix (which contains oil, salt, etc) is added to yoghurt (some are just added to water) and the chicken, fish or whatever is mixed in.

Uncertain. I got it (and another) free when I bought ten non-starterz for £10 from the BBC Good Food Show in December 2007.

Number of Servings?
This one is supposed to be a starter. I’d guess it is a starter for four or six hungry people. I served it with jasmine Thai rice (yes, should have been basmati with an Indian but I’d already put the rice in the pan before it occurred to me) and it was easily enough for two with enough left over for dinner for one or lunch for two. We’ve frozen it with the leftover rice and my SO can have it when I am away.

The wet spice mix is mixed with 100g plain yoghurt and 500g chopped chicken is added to this and sautéed for 15 minutes over a medium heat.
In a separate pan (more washing up) you stir-fry onion and peppers – I also added mushrooms because we like them and I had some to use up.

Ease of Use?
Simple. But it does use two frying pans.

Taste test?
Nice, but a little too hot for me. I grated some coconut cream over the top to cool it down a little. If I used it again I would add more yoghurt.
The SO loved it.

Would I use it Again?

Colourful Summer Foods

July 27, 2008

Photo-dieting, originally uploaded by Jacqi B.

I love summer food. So colourful and tasty.

I should have logged the calories the night before as when I came to put them into weightlossresources I found I’d eaten far too much lunch – should have had either hummous OR chicken, not both (or maybe half the quantity of each).

To be honest, I really didn’t need to eat all that was there and could easily have left some. Time to plan ahead again.

They’re Not Popular, We’ve Sold Out

July 20, 2008
Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous?
A local supermarket, Aldi, sell a probiotic dessert called Optifit and I really like it. It comes in four flavours, my favourite is strawberry. I popped in to the shop yesterday to buy some and the shelf was empty. I was told they had sold out but some had been ordered for delivery the next morning.

Twenty-four hours later I was back there again. There were twelve left on the shelf, none were strawberry. I took the twelve and, as I was paying for them, asked if they had anymore that had not been put on the shelf. Particularly, did they have any strawberry ones?
“Oh no, the strawberry ones are the first to go. There are no more, only what was on the shelf. We’re sold out.” I was told.
So I said “But you only got these in this morning. Will you have some more in tomorrow?”
“Oh not for a few days, I should think. Certainly not tomorrow, they are not very popular.”

Hey? They sell out on the day they arrive but they are not very popular?