They’re Not Popular, We’ve Sold Out

Have you ever heard anything so ridiculous?
A local supermarket, Aldi, sell a probiotic dessert called Optifit and I really like it. It comes in four flavours, my favourite is strawberry. I popped in to the shop yesterday to buy some and the shelf was empty. I was told they had sold out but some had been ordered for delivery the next morning.

Twenty-four hours later I was back there again. There were twelve left on the shelf, none were strawberry. I took the twelve and, as I was paying for them, asked if they had anymore that had not been put on the shelf. Particularly, did they have any strawberry ones?
“Oh no, the strawberry ones are the first to go. There are no more, only what was on the shelf. We’re sold out.” I was told.
So I said “But you only got these in this morning. Will you have some more in tomorrow?”
“Oh not for a few days, I should think. Certainly not tomorrow, they are not very popular.”

Hey? They sell out on the day they arrive but they are not very popular?


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One Response to “They’re Not Popular, We’ve Sold Out”

  1. Sile Says:

    Yeah, that totally doesn’t make ANY sense. Apparently they ARE popular. Probably with at least two people. 😉 I bet the other person bought out the strawberry. 😉

    You should’ve seen if you could see the manager and ask that more strawberry be stocked the next time they order. 🙂

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