Parampara Starterz: Chicken with Capsicum and Onion

Product Review
Where from?
At the BBC Good Food Show last December I bought ten different mixes for making various spicy dishes. Mostly, the mix (which contains oil, salt, etc) is added to yoghurt (some are just added to water) and the chicken, fish or whatever is mixed in.

Uncertain. I got it (and another) free when I bought ten non-starterz for £10 from the BBC Good Food Show in December 2007.

Number of Servings?
This one is supposed to be a starter. I’d guess it is a starter for four or six hungry people. I served it with jasmine Thai rice (yes, should have been basmati with an Indian but I’d already put the rice in the pan before it occurred to me) and it was easily enough for two with enough left over for dinner for one or lunch for two. We’ve frozen it with the leftover rice and my SO can have it when I am away.

The wet spice mix is mixed with 100g plain yoghurt and 500g chopped chicken is added to this and sautéed for 15 minutes over a medium heat.
In a separate pan (more washing up) you stir-fry onion and peppers – I also added mushrooms because we like them and I had some to use up.

Ease of Use?
Simple. But it does use two frying pans.

Taste test?
Nice, but a little too hot for me. I grated some coconut cream over the top to cool it down a little. If I used it again I would add more yoghurt.
The SO loved it.

Would I use it Again?


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One Response to “Parampara Starterz: Chicken with Capsicum and Onion”

  1. Sile Says:

    That looks so good. I’ll have to see if they sell such things across the pond. 😉

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