Photo-diet:- Monday, 28th July 2008

Simply delicious muesli from Dorset Cereals (35g) and 40g raspberries
I ate the three ‘crispy bites’ (20g) soon after as I was still hungry. 107cals!

Spice Sensations couscous, prawns, cucumber, spring onion and tomato

Fruit & dessert:
an orange that was sitting in the fridge, 175g Rainier cherries, 78g strawberries, 135g peach and 100g (half a tub) of Optifit probiotic dessert – peach and passionfruit.

The cous cous was half the packet (my SO got the other half). It came free with one of my foodie magazines and I knew that if I put it away in a drawer it would never get used. It’s not bad. I suspect that half a pack is more than I need.

Monday, 28th July 2008

Monday night is sausage night – we have lots of Supreme Sausages in the freezer. Tonight we had pork, venison and mushroom sausages. There are six to the pound so I cook three and we have one and a half each. One is probably enough for me and I should learn to listen to my body. I could have the other half with Tuesday’s lunch. I did mashed potato (with a little bit of carrot as there were some left in the fridge and peas because I was too hot to be bothered to cook any more intersting veg. I did do onions and mushrooms with it. The SO dished up and so it didn’t get weighed. Hey ho, we were both tired and hot. So hot that we opened a bottle of chilled rose. Sometimes you have to go with what feels right.

No packed lunch tomorrow as I am going to be in a meeting where lunch will be provided.


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