Spice Sensation Cous Cous

Product Review
Where from?
Available in all (UK) supermarkets. This packet came free with one of the food magazines I got at the weekend (either BBC Good Food or Olive).

No idea (I’ll check when I’m next in a supermarket)

Number of servings?
I divided this into two for lunch for myself and my SO. A third of the packet would have been ample for me (I had it with prawns, cucumber, spring onion and tomatoes).

Cous and dried vegetables and spices. Just add water and a little butter or oil (optional).

Ease of Use?
Couldn’t be simpler – see above.

Taste Test
Quite pleasant. Good texture – no clumpy bits. I usually make my own cous cous but this was good and particularly good if in a hurry – no spices and veggies to prepare (although I did add cucumber, spring onion and tomatoes.

Would I use it Again?


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