Fresh Food

After a couple of days of not being as well behaved as I should be on the food front, I am eating healthily again. I have to say, I really miss fruit and veg when I don’t get enough in my diet – even for a couple of days.

I bought several things in Marks & Spencer’s yesterday evening. I had a voucher to get 25g parma ham free, and another that said I got triple points on any food I bought until 15th August. So I got a couple of healthy ready meals for my lunches next week, the Californian Roll you see here, some prawns (half price), avocado, strawberries and some naughtier oriental food stuffs.

Then, because it was 8.30pm and we still weren’t home, we had a Chinese take-away. We did eat fresh pineapple after that though – it was so fresh the room was beginning to smell of pineapple so it had to be cut.

The photograph shows:

Breakfast: Dorset Cereals ‘Simply Delicious’ muesli and strawberries
Lunch: Marks & Spencer’s Californian Roll Selection (350 kcals)
Fruit etc: strawberries, fresh pineapple, the last of the Rainer cherries and a strawberry Optifit



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