M&S Thai Green Chicken Curry

Product review:
Where from
Marks & Spencer from the ‘eat well / nutritinally balanced’ range.

Two for £6 – but this was a special offer

Number of servings
one good, filling dinner for one.

cooked jasmine rice (40%)
Thai green sauce (20%)
cooked chicken breast (20%)
spinach (8%)
red peppers (6%)
baby corn (5%)
coriander, cornflour, sunflower oil, paprika flakes


nutrition per 100g per pack
kcal 105kcals 400kcals
protein 8.6g 34.4g
carbs 11.5g 46.0g
of which sugars: 3.8g 14.4g
fat 2.5g 10g
of which saturated: 0.8g 3.2g
fibre 1g 4g
sodium 0.19g 0.76g

Ease of use
3 minutes in the microwave or 17 minutes in an oven in the tray in which it comes.

Taste test
Very nice. Taste of the spices but not hot. lots of veggies which were not over, or under, cooked. No gristly bits in the chicken, rice not claggy. Plenty of taste in the veggies – and an impressive 19% veggies.

Use again


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5 Responses to “M&S Thai Green Chicken Curry”

  1. Karen Says:

    If frozen meals all looked this good, I’d probably try and eat more of them. It looks so fresh and, really, homemade.
    We used to have a Marks & Spencer here in Windsor, Ont, Canada but sadly they’ve not been around for a long time.
    I’ve never heard the expression ‘claggy’ before. What’s it mean?

  2. jacqib Says:

    Hi Karen, it’s chilled rather than frozen which I’ve found makes a big difference. Claggy? kind of sticky in a bad way.

  3. Karen Says:

    Thanks, Jacqi. I’ve never seen a chilled meal here come to think of it.
    I’ve been feeling claggy in this humid weather ;0)
    Your photos are gorgeous and I think I’ve seen everyone of them on your Flikr stream!
    I hope you find success with your meal plans!

  4. jacqib Says:

    thanks Karen.

  5. Karen Says:

    I’ve had a trainer before so I know my way around the weights. I found it really helpful to learn how to properly lift without hurting myself. I no longer have a gym membership but I have a set of free weights at home and a bench. I found too many excuses not to go to the gym & wasted alot of $$$. I have a spare bedroom that I’m setting up for my ‘gym’.
    It’s phenomenal how quickly you see results, eh?

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