Food and exercise: Tuesday, 5th August

It doesn’t look like much for a whole day. I’ve brought dinner in to work because I will be going straight to the gym so need to eat first.

But I did eating some chocolate fudge cake that I brought in to work to share to celebrate my having got my degree yesterday.

I couldn’t eat this piece
celebratory cake
all in one go and had to leave some for the afternoon.

Personal Training at the Gym
When I got to the gym for my session with Estella, my personal trainer, she told me that she will not be doing PT sessions after 21st as she has started to do some other things, including chair exercises for the elderly and will be taking a movement to music qualification. She can’t fit everything in so something has to change. She is sad not to be seeing the people from the gym as often as she has been but is worried about getting stuck in a rut. The selfish part of me is sorry that she will not be training me but I am pleased for her that she is making the right decision for her future. She will be thirty at the end of the month and I guess, like all of us, a birthday with a zero on the end, might have made her stop and think about where she wants to be for the furture.

I’ve got four mmore sessions with her and she will still be taking the aqua aerobics class on Friday evenings. As that is my favourite ‘splashy’ (the name my SO and I use for aqua aerobics) and the only one he will go to, I am very pleased. She has suggested which of the other trainers she feels would best suit me.

I did:
Treadmill: ten minutes at 4.5 for a warm up.
Recumbent bike: ten minutes keeping ti at 70 (it was hard going, I had no gym last week)

Rowing Machine: ten minutes
Cross trainer: I still find this a weird one. two minutes, followed by a minutes rest followed by another two and a half minutes.
Weights (2.5kg) bicep curls, triceps and lateral

(I think I’ve forgotten something)


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One Response to “Food and exercise: Tuesday, 5th August”

  1. Karen Says:

    Your meals for the day look so fresh and colourful. Yum. Of course my eyes locked on to the cake!
    That’s too bad about your trainer leaving (yes, good for her, though) Hopefully you’ll get on as well with your new one.
    ‘Splashy”…that’s funny.

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