The M&S Diet?

I think I mentioned recently that I ws thinking of doing this. I’ve got so much studying to get through in the next few weeks that I don’t want to be cooking and cleaning the kitchen. Add to that the place is a mess anyway and now we’ve had a leak in the roof – with rainwater coming into the bedroom cupboard and down into the hall.

So for this week (in fact for the last several days as well) all dinners, at least on weekdays, are Marks & Spencer’s ready meals. Lunches are either M&S snack type stuff – butternut parcels, spicy prawns, or houmous and pitta. Breakfast continues to be muesli with fruit and semi-skimmed milk and I still take fruit and/or a yoghurt or Optifit dessert for snacks.

M&S do some rather good ‘eat well’ and ‘nutritionally balanced’ meals. I wouldn’t want to live on them forever (and I would miss cooking) but they are fine for a while. I’ve also bought some ‘treat food’ as well. One advantage is that they are, by their very nature, portion controlled.

So I can keep track of which ones I like and don’t like, I’m photographing them and adding info. There’s a new flcikr group for it as well. Feel free to take a look or, if you want to add a few yourself, join me.



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