Aromatic Duck & Jasmine Rice (M&S)


Marks & Spencer Nutritionally Balanced Eat Well range

About £4.69 but I bought it on a two for £6 ffer

Number of servings: One

Cooked Thai Jasmine Rice (34%)
Cooked marinated duck breast (20%)
Coconut milk
Pack Choi (5%)
Chargrilled red peppers (4%)
Pineapple (4%)
Thai Red Curry Paste
Palm sugar
Thai shallots
Vegetable oil
Fish sauce
Red chilli

Five a day?
13% fruit & veg

Nutritional Info

Nutrition Data
  Per 100 g Per 400g
Calories (kcal) 150 600
Carbohydrate (g) 17.5 70
Sugars (g) 2.9 11.6
Protein (g) 8.8 35.2
Fat (g) 4.7 18.8
Saturates (g) 1.4 5.6
Fibre (g) 1.8 7.2
Sodium (g) 0.06 0.24
Alcohol (g) 0 0
Fruit & Veg 0 0

Ease of Use
Two minutes in microwave (recommended) or 20 in the oven

Freezable? For one month

Taste test
Nice flavours, lots of thick slices of duck, sauce a little thick.

Would I use it again?


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