Tuesday already

A week ago I joined Scale Junkie’s Healthy You Challenge and I am suddenly reminded that it is Tuesday again and I need to go and ‘sign in’.

So how has the last week been for me?
I’ve been continuing with my ‘M&S diet’ – not an official M&S thing, nor even an ‘official diet’ whatever that may be. But eating ready meals in the evening rather than cooking. It rather goes agains the grain for me to do this as I love to cook but it does free us my time for studying etc, leaves the kitchen clean, and makes it impossible to ‘extra’ – just what’s in the packet.

Breakfast has continued to be muesli and fresh fruit with semi skimmed milk, and lunch has been something light, with salad veggies and some more fruit.

The week has seen another leak in the roof, several roofers at the house and an expensive repair; my getting stressed about the mess in the house; the submission of the Expression of Interest (EoI) to emigrate to New Zealand; and Monday.

I had another gym sesion with my personal trainer on Thursday and attended her aqua aerobics class on Friday. I can feel the difference this is making and people at aqua are starting to notice and comment as well.

Monday was not a good day and I had my SO collect me from work as I did not feel well enough to stay. That afternoon he took me to the pool so I could try to relieve some of the stress and tension I was feeling. I swam 30 lengths of the pool and spent some time in the bubble pool after that. Then I went into town and browsed the shops for a bit before being taken home. Unfortunately, I went into Thorntons and bought six chocolates. And ate them.

Never mind, I’m not going to let other people make me feel bad or make me undo all the good I’ve been doing with my food and exercise. I’ve got a bright new future to look forward to.



3 Responses to “Tuesday already”

  1. suzanne Says:

    You’ve been doing great! Don’t let other people get you down.
    I totally relate to the chocolate but it’s done and over. Get back on the wagon 😉 And above all have a great day!

  2. Debbie Says:

    I do things like that with chocolate, when someone makes me feel bad I want to eat it – unfortunately I’ve been known to eat entire family sized bars of chocolate not just 6! See, you have more restraint than me lol. What types of things do you do in your aqua aerobics lessons? They sounds like fun,

    hope you have a great week and try not to let those people get you down


  3. jacqib Says:

    Thanks, both.
    Debbie, much of the aqua aerobics is similar to stuff you can do out of the water, a bit of jogging and stretching, different steps. It doesn’t feel like so much work in the water but is actually doing more good because you are working against the resistance of the water.

    Then there is fun stuff that can’t be done out of the water. Using foam nodles wrapped around our waists we do sort of sit-ups and stretches without touching the ground. It is good fun.

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