Reassessment results

Today was my penultimate session with my personal trainer, Estella. I will be having more sessions in the gym, but with someone different. Anyway, she did my reassessment today as it was my ninth session. My weight is the same (it is up on my scales over the weekend) but I’m not surprised as I have just come back from the Friday to Monday party that is the annual Team Waste Summer Camp (about which more later).

However, I have lost one and a half inches from my chest, one inch from my hips, nothing from my waist (must be the weekend party because my waistbands are definitely looser) and half an inch from each upper arm. So not too bad but, for myself, ‘must do better’. Still, as Estella said, I am ‘going in
the right direction’.

She worked me hard and I was absolutely shattered in the afternoon and I had a few hours sleep.


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4 Responses to “Reassessment results”

  1. Julie Kentwood Says:

    Have you found private trainers to be worth it?

  2. Felicia Says:

    Congrats on the inches lost!! Thats wonderful!!


  3. MamaBearJune Says:

    It’s wonderful to be losing inches! Congrats on the progress you’ve made.

  4. Diana the Scale Junkie Says:

    Inches are a great measure of your success and it sounds like you’re doing fabulous! Congrats.

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