New Zealand Medicals

A comment on my other blog, Countdown to Fifty, about our Expression of Interest to emigrate to New Zealand having been selected from the pool lead me to the forums on the  really useful

There I found some posts from someone whose medical had been declined due to morbid obesity. This lead me to going round and round in circles trying to find the right bit of the NZ immigration site to find what they require. (The link was obvious when I found it).

Anyway. It appears, from my reading of the form, that if the BMI is above 35 or a female’s waist circumference is more than 88cm they do extra blood tests. Specifically fasting lipids and fasting glucose tests.

My BMI hovers just below 35 but my waist measurement is what bothers me. My fat all hangs around my belly and has done for years. I need to get rid of this now as I do not want to lose out on my dream just because I couldn’t get the weight off. My doctor did blood tests last year because he was worried about the size of my belly – worried about ‘syndrome x’ or whatever they call it, and diabetes. But I was fine. But I’d rather not have the stress, worry and extra delay that this could cause.

I have booked my first, free, sessions with two trainers at the gym, because as already posted, Estella, my lovely trainer has given up personal training to concentrate on chair-based exercise classes for the elderly and infirm.

As I haven’t been in any classes that Jason and Claire take, I don’t know what they are like so I’m having a session with each before booking a block of ten sessions with one.

I shall tell them I need to concentrate on reducing my waist measurement. I will also cut down on (or try to cut out) potatoes and white bread.  I’ve got to do this.

I think I will also go for three gym sessions a week, plus the two (or three) aqua aerobics classes.

Wish me luck!


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