Food Shopping Project 2/1

{If you click on the photo it will take you to the original on flickr where you will find notes on each item telling you what it is.}

Having said, in my first ‘food shopping project’ post, that I seldom get to buy my veggies from a market, this afternoon I was in Milton Keynes Centre while the market was open. I wanted some carrots to go in a tagine I’m planning to make tomorrow so I went and had a look. I came away with three bags full of produce for £7.71. I shall report back here on the quality.

The strawberries are from Waitrose, I bought them before I went to the market. Interestingly, they were the same price (2 for £3) as those in the market, a little cheaper than some stalls.

The three cheeses are from a stall in the special exhibition bit in front of John Lewis in the shopping centre. The were three for £10. I’ve had cheeses from this company before and liked them. They had a new one (brought out last year but new since I last bought from them) called Bouncing Berry which is mature cheddar with lots of cranberries – Ihad several tasters of this and bought two!

£1 = NZ$2.63 or US$1.76 or €1.24
So total for shopping £17.71 or NZ$46.70 or US$31.22 or €21.91

Between the last FSP photo and this one, I have bought some potatoes and some cherry tomatoes and my SO has bought some (lots of) mushrooms.


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