Wednesday, 3.9.08

I’m a much happier bunny when I start my day with muesli and blueberries. I must try to remember that.  Today the muesli was a mix of the last of the Simply Delicious and the start of a new packet of Super High Fibre. Both very nice and both from Dorset Cereals. The SHF really is (and therefore is extra good for your body!)

I was a bit too frugal with lunch and, as I had a couple of lamb chops in the fridge that needed to be used, I had a ‘second course’ (and still didn’t break my calorie limit).

Dinner was fish in butter sauce. This is one of the few frozen meals that I really enjoy. Surprisingly, the butter sauce version has about the same number of calories as the parsley sauce version, but tastes so much nicer. I like it with cabbage as the suace goes well with it. I did potatoes for my SO but, as you can see, I didn’t have any myself.

Dinner didn’t quite fill me up though, and I’d not had a lot of fruit and veg so I had a banana. With some chocolate and toffee fudge sauce.

Food details:
Breakfast: bluberries & muesli

Lunch: prawns, tomatoes & cucumber; blueberry optifit and raspberries
lunch (2) 120g lean lamb

Dinner: cod in butter sauce and cabbage

Supper: bananas with chocolate and toffee fudge sauces

Muesli Super High Fibre, Dorset Cereals 20g
Muesli Simply Delicious, Dorset Cereals 30g
Blueberries, fresh60g
milk (includes tea)200ml
Optifit blueberry100g
cod in butter sauce150g
chocolate sauce14g
toffee fudge sauce28g

1173 Cals;81.4g Prot; 126.4g Carb; 38.1g Fat; 16.5g Fibre; 6.3 F&V


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