Why does dinner sometimes ‘just not work’?

I’m still chasing that 88cm or smaller waist measurement so still cutting out potatoes. I have a butternut squash that I need to use so Idecided to cube it and roast it in my small oven with the sausages and mushrooms I was planning to cook for dinner.

I’d been to the market this afternoon and bought some sweetcorn so I boiled that. (why do I get the urge now to start listing foods that ‘I went to the market and I bought’ starting from A through to Z?)

The squash was in the oven for about an hour in total. It was still hard. The sweetcorn was boiled for about 40 minutes. Not soft enough.

While we ate the sausages and broccoli the sweetcorn got a turn in the oven. That was better. I gave up on the butternut squash.

It should have been a simple meal but it was a disaster. Does anyone else have days like that, when simple stuff just doesn’t work out?

Food details for the day:
Breakfast: muesli & blueberries

Banana to eat before the gym

Lunch for after the gym: chicken, tomatoes.
I also had a couple of tiny ‘taster’ bits of cheese from a stall.

Dinner: one and a half Cumberland sausages, butternut squash, sweetcorn, broccoli, mushrooms

Dessert: pear


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