Feeling Good!


I’m at the start of a new relationship and it’s going to be good. We met at lunchtime today. It was a blind date set up by a friend and I knew in the first five minutes that this was the one for me. We’ve already arranged to meet again later this week. He was interested in me and asked lots of questions about what I like and what I do. As the afternoon progressed I realised that he is going to be very demanding – and I like that.


“Has she taken leave of her senses?” I hear you ask. “Doesn’t she have a partner, already? I thought she was happy?” Yes, I do have a partner, yes we are happy, and no, I’m not cheating on him.


I don’t have a new partner, I have a new personal trainer. When Estella told me she wouldn’t be doing personal training any more she suggested a I try a couple of the others to see who suited me best. Jason was her first suggestion. She did her training (as in ‘training for a qualification’ rather than ‘a workout’) with him and said he was very good. She also suggested I tried one of the girls there (I’ll call her A) because ‘she gets lots of clients so she must be doing something right’. She did add ‘but I’m not sure she’d be right for you, not sure she’d motivate you enough’. And I doneed motivating, not just instruction.


I wasn’t sure about trying them both and then having to ‘dump’ one as it were. But Estella had a word with them for me so they knew the score. I had a trial session with A last Thursday. I have to say that I was not impressed. In the first minute she was looking at the pop video on the TV screen rather than looking at me to see if I was doing anything wrong. I’m a novice at the gym – my first session with Estella was the first time I’d ever been in one – so it’s easy for me to get my posture wrong and potentially hurt myself or to forget to pull my abdominal muscles in. The whole point of paying a trainer is so that you get their attention and they make sure you do it and do it right. Later, when I was exercising near the door to the reception, she kept looking out there. She did keep looking back and me and then back outside. Really, if there was a problem out there that she had to deal with, I would have understood if she said so. But they didn’t need her because she didn’t go out there. If she was just bored and wanted to have a nosy at who or what was outside then she shouldn’t have bothered with the session. There was not enough encouragement and certainly no checking of whether I was finding it too easy, pushing myself, or pushing too hard. It wasn’t until later that evening, when my SO nagged (sorry, encouraged me) to stretch before bed, that I realised A hadn’t got me to stretch at the end of the session. If she’s falling down on the encouragement and attention during a trial session, then what would she be like when I’d had a few sessions with her?


So even before today’s session I suspected that Jason was going to be the one to get my money. But even if I hadn’t had a disappointing session last week I would have been impressed with him. Before I even filled in the paperwork (medical history, what my goals are, etc) he asked me what I’d eaten so far that day and how much fluid I’d had. Perhaps because I told him not only what I’d eaten but how many grams of each (muesli and blueberries) he asked if I was calorie counting, how long I’d been doing it, what calorie limit I usually set myself for a week or day. We discussed what I should eat when (carbs such as pasta together with lean protein after exercising as the body will absorb and burn it better then).


I explained that I would be on holiday for much of October – away for ten days, back for six, away again for fourteen. He asked if I would get a chance for any exercise while I was away and said he’d suggest some exercises I could do in the hotel room as two weeks without exercise would set me back quite a way. They are both sightseeing tours, so there will be lots of walking around sights and some of the hotels will have pools, I hope. He suggested resistance bands My SO has some that his physiotherapist gave him so maybe I can use them.


On to the workout. Like Estella, he showed me how to do anything I’d not done before or was unsure about. He corrected my posture, made sure I wasn’t locking my knees when I shouldn’t, that I was pulling in my tummy muscles when I should. He uses the same ‘on a scale of one to ten’ system as Estella to check on how hard I was working and encouraged me to ‘step up the pace’ when I needed him to.


I’d done interval training a few times with Estella. That’s one of the few terms I have picked up. As I said before, it’s all new to me. The last time I exercised regularly was back in the 80s when aerobics was the ‘new thing’ and happened in the church hall. He suggested that I did some interval training to keep the calories burning for a few days after the session – it should help with the ‘getting below 88cm as soon as possible’ aim. He had me do this on the cross trainer. Phew, I have never worked so hard or sweated so much. I wasn’t sure I could keep it up but, perhaps sensing this, the told me when there was just another 30 seconds, 15 seconds, then ten, then five seconds left. No way was I going to give up with just ten seconds to go, but boy is ten seconds a long time! He checked what weight of dumbbells I’d used with Estella (2.5kg) and gave me heavier ones (3.5kg) then, for a couple of exercises, dropped it back down to 2.5 half way through the reps. He did this after checking how long I’d been training with Estella, to be sure it was time to step it up a bit.


At one point, while using the weights and just three reps from completing a set, I had what he called ‘momentary failure’, when my muscles just refused to do any more. He held my arms in position while I finished.


All the way through the session he explained what I should do, where I should feel it, checked how I felt and where I felt it (legs? where in the legs?), told me what it should do for me and was very conscientious about my recovery time, ensuring I had the right number of minutes or seconds before starting again.


After a cool down and good stretches we compared diaries. I’ve never worked so hard or sweated so much but I suspect I will be doing so again.


I feel terrific (all those endorphins or whatever they are) and convinced I can get fit and slim.


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3 Responses to “Feeling Good!”

  1. Skinny Inside Says:

    Way to go with getting a new trainer! I have to say your produce seems really inexpensive! Lucky you! I took a similar photo over the weekend, and my cost was much more. Have a great week!

  2. Skinny Inside Says:

    Hi, thanks for the compliment on my photo:-) The berries are acai berries. The guy told me they were arion berries, which I’d never heard of, and google pretty much ruled out. After tasting them, we knew!

  3. Sueellen Says:

    Way to go on the personal trainer – mine is exactly like Jason and I love it! I need that encouragement and those little pushes when I feel like I just can’t do it. Your food pics are great!

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