Food Shopping Project

Semi skimmed milk £1.66 (x2) special offer £2.50
Anya potatoes 99p (reduced from £1.32)
Carrots 67p
Onions 50p
Lemons, unwaxed £1.69
Parsnips (390g @ £1.98 per kg) 77p
Cucumber 68p
Broccoli 300g 79p
Greens 79p
Bananas, Fairtrade (530g @ 85p per kg) 45p
Tomatoes x 6 99p
Saxa rock salt 350g 92p
Table salt 750g 55g
Oral B Ultra Floss £1.99
Oxo Red Cubes 71p
Prawns, shell -on £1.69
Pork luncheon meat 60p
Liver sausage 90p
Spinach quiche slice (Taste the Difference) 99p
Egg Custard Tarts x 4 £1.04
Stewing lamb £3.44
Casserole beef, lean diced x2 @£3.49 each – reduced to £6
Chicken Wings, basics £1.23
Digestive biscuits 86p
Lean steak mince x2@£3.49 each special offer £6
Bread, tiger £1.09

Total price £38.83

The chicken and lemons are for lemon pepper chicken wings


One Response to “Food Shopping Project”

  1. Katschi Says:

    I don’t know what it is about looking at food but I find great satisfaction in it. I’m definitely a foodie voyeur! I love seeing what other people eat & have posted pics in the past myself of my groceries.

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