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Food Shopping Project: Sainsbury, Nov 28th

December 28, 2008

Lucozade £1.49 x2 (BOGOF)
Lamb steaks £5.99
Chicken thighs & drumsticks x2 £1.50 x2
Mature cheddar cheese x2 £3.86 (BOGOF)
Cubetti di pancetta x2 £2 (BOGOF)
Prawns, shell-on £1.69
Carrots 50p
Potatoes, organic baby £1
Brocolli 560g 94p
Brussels Sprouts 560g £1
Savoy cabbage x2 50p each
Cox apples six pack x2 £1.99 (BOGOF)
Vine tomatoes £1.44 (reduced from £1.96)
Mushrooms, closed cup 425g 97p
Bananas 1010g 90p
Knorr Veg Stock Pots (pack of eight) 99p (half price)
Avocado x3 39p (reduced from 69p)
Sweeteners own brand 99p
Sweeteners Splenda £3.13
Liver Pate 29p
Adios slimming tablets £6.34
Laughing Cow Light (cheese spread) £1.08
Sesame bagels x4 £1
Cheesecake slices £1.09 (reduced from £1.99)
Elmlea Light Double 82p
Strepsil Cool 16 pack £2.95
Onion Bhaji 78p
(not shown) light bulb 99p
Liver sausage 65p

BOGOF = buy one, get one free

Total cost:
£50.10 or
€52.15 or
NZ$129.35 or


Food Shopping Project December 2008

December 23, 2008

Bought from a stall in Queensway, Bletchley.

7lb red potatoes
3lb bananas
3lb satsumas
bag of green seedless grapes
two cabbages
iceberg lettuce
two punnets small tomatoes
two large punnets of small strawberries. I don’t usually buy strawberries out of season but these were sweet, had come from Belgium (not very far away) and were a good price.

Total cost:
€7.64 (dreadful exchange rate!)

Food Shopping Project: 18 November 2008

December 4, 2008

Shopping from Costco on 18th November.

Lemonade, diet, Schweppes (6 x 1.5 litres) £3.35 (56p per bottle or 37p per litre)
Beers, Connoisseur collection, £12.91(£1.08 per bottles or £2.15 per litre)
Orange Juice, Tropicana, 2 x2 litres £4.41 (£1.10 per litre)
Finish Quadrant dishwasher tablets (48 +24 free) £9.81 (14p per wash)
Mixed Herbs, 100g £1.55
Bertolli Olive Oil Spread, 1kg £2.29
Activia Yoghurt x 8 £2.29 (29p each)
Brocolli 750g £2.29
Baby Leaf Spinach £1.99
Mixed peppers £2.99
Special K bars x 24 £8.21 (34p each)
Blueberries 500g £4.29
Wine, Andes River Red, 5 litre box £17.61 (£3.52 per litre)
Chicken & veg pie x 2 £9.88

Total £82.90 of which £8.21 was VAT