Getting my five-a-day

Well I’m back from my week in the sun and have got decidedly podgier. I got on the scales on Monday morning expecting to find I’d put on about half a stone – that’s what it felt like I had gained. To my surprise the scales reported a one pound loss. That could be due to the slightly dodgy tummy I’d had for two days.

I deserved to be heavier as I had made full use of the ‘all inclusive’. The food was rather good and I had a couple of beers each day as well. Apart from a little walking, I did no exercise. The unheated pool was very cold (well I may have been in Egypt but it is still mid-winter). The sea was too rough for me to risk (I am not a strong swimmer) and the gym was a no-go area due to the pestering to try the beauty treatments and massage (at UK prices!).

So I’m home and back on the straight and narrow. We arrived home in the early hours of Monday morning and, obviously, there was no fresh fruit or veg in the house. Although I was very good with Monday’s calories (961) the fruit and veg count was very low (2.9). Here’s what I had – the broccoli and the mandarin were from the Co-op round the corner.

Monday, 19th January

For reasons I don’t want to go into, in fact I want to forget, Tuesday was a very bad day nutritionally. I did go to pilates in the morning, though.

So I stocked up on fresh veggies at Lidl yesterday and made a delicious high veg content lunch today.

I put some Thai rice on to cook with a pinch of saffron (I need to use it up before I emigrate) while I chopped the following:
41g red pepper
57g mushrooms – a mix of common and chestnut
36g carrot (chopped into thin sticks)
47g broccoli

Of course, I didn’t specifically measure out those amounts – but I put the food on the scales so I could count the calories and F&V portions. It was one carrot and two thirds of a pepper, several mushrooms, what was left of the broccoli in the fridge. The quantities given above are half of that as I made enough for two of us.

I sprayed a pan with fry light and cooked the veggies, adding some Gourmet Garden ginger, lemongrass and coriander (I keep the tubes in the freezer) and a splash of water when the food started to stick. I added some freshly ground pepper.

When it was cooked I emptied the pan into a pasta bowl and covered it to keep it warm.
A quick wash of the pan (easy when it is still hot), a wipe and another spray with the oil, then I threw in five raw, frozen, king prawns and 10g of coconut cream (again, something that needs using up before I go). A splash of water meant that the coconut mixed in well. When the prawns were nicely turning pink I tipped 50g washed baby spinach over the top (the extra water helped the moisture content) and let it wilt, stirring it in with the prawns.

I tipped the stir-fried veg back in the pan and stirred it all together to warm through. I served it with the rice and a couple of halved cherry tomatoes. Together with the defrosted blueberries I had with my porridge this morning, this means I’ve had 4.1 portions of fruit and veg and I’ve not had dinner yet.


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One Response to “Getting my five-a-day”

  1. Tamanna Says:

    love the food. very tempting yet healthy!

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