Sunday, 25th January

today’s numbers:
Calories 1507
Protein 95.8
Carbs 150.7
Fat 40.1g
Fibre 18.9g
Fruit & Veg 4.6
I need to blog my food, exercise and mood if I am to do this properly.
So this is today’s food.

Breakfast was brought to my by my SO. I didn’t fancy ‘dippy negg’ (soft boiled eggs) and his attempts at porridge shows that he needs more practice and I wasn’t in the mood for ‘pratice porridge’. So I had a think about what was int he fridge and remembered there was some cheese in the fridge that I wanted to try. A hardish, browny-yellow cheese that looked rather like a ‘breakfast cheese’ I had eaten on one of my holidays recently. There was also an unopened packet of digestive biscuits.
‘Cheese and digestive biscuits and some grapes’ was my request.
Instead of the cheese I ws thinking of he brought me the forgotten roule with herbs, Yum! He also brought me SIX digestives. Now I know that I didn’t have to eat them all, and I did initially spread cheese on just four. But I wasn’t full and it was delicious. So I ate the rest.

There was some of the chicken and mushroom curry that I made the other day left in the fridge so that was lunch.

I had planned to go to aqua aerobics this afternoon but my arm was rather painful The doctor thinks it may be carpal tunnel syndrome, which is worrying me rather. The wrist joint seemed to be clicking. Ibuprofen helped with the pain but I really wasn’t in the mood for the pool. I have just realised that I have not been out of the house since Friday evening.

I had a banana in the afternoon while I was clearing out the airing cupboard and then the SO cooked the roast pork for me. He actually made quite a good job of it.

I’ve been looking at photos in my 2009 Photo Diet Project pool on flickr. The newest member has been telling me that she has a file with recipes and menu plans for the week(s) ahead. I must stop telling myself that this is too time consuming and get on with doing it.


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