DIY Splashy

After a healthy breakfast of Quaker Oats and grapes (because I like to have fruit with my breakfast and I’d forgotten to defrost any blueberries) we set off to the pool for an aqua aerobics class (known as splashy in my house).

As I walked into the changing rooms I recognised the black and silver zipped back swimming costume of a woman I had seen here before. I remembered that it was the last (and first) time I had come to the Monday morning aqua class. I remembered that this class seems to be full of ladies who like to get into the water and gossip rather than being there for the exercise. I remember being annoyed by them and wondered whether my enjoyment of the class would be spoiled again.

The pool was very full – about 25 ‘women of a certain age’ (and older). Very quickly word went round that Estella – my favourite aqua instructor an the reason for us choosing this classs – had phoned in sick and there was nobody available to replace her at such short notice.

Silver swimsuit woman said that she would take the class. Having been to the class a zillion times before she knew what the moves were (as did most of us there, although there were a number of first timers there today). She did brilliantly. Given that she had to try to remember what exercises there were, shout loud enough for us to hear – she was in the pool doing the class herself – and try to make sure that we didn’t all run into the walls of the pool before she told us to turn. At the end of the class we gave her three cheers. Then I swam ten lengths before going home.

Back home, lunch was yesterday’s leftovers – not very healthy – and I forgot to eat any more fruit.

After spending the afternoon cooking up two large batches of mince (one as a bolognaise sauce and one with onions and carrots) for freezing in calorie controlled portions I cooked a prawn stir-fry.

The figures
Breakfast: Quaker Oats and grapes
Lunch: roast pork, roast potatoes and kumara
Dinner: 100g cooked weight Jasmine rice with 50g king prawns stir-fried with spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, baby corn, sugar snaps, broccoli and spinach
Dessert: 158g tinned peaches with 90g elmlea single light

The figures:
Calories (kcal) 1208
Protein (g) 56.8
Carbohydrate (g) 176.2
Fat (g) 30.2
Fibre (g) 13.2
Fruit & Veg 8.7

I spent the a

I’d had breakfast before I realised that it is Monday and I had not weighed myself. Hey-ho, I’ll do it tomorrow.


2 Responses to “DIY Splashy”

  1. chloe Says:

    hey jacqui~anyway…I REALLY WANNA TRY AQUA AEROBICS! =3 how long have you been doing it?

    and i also make sure i eat fruits with my breakfast….i think it already became a habit of mine..since i have a major sweet tooth as well…and that stirfry looks yummy! O.O (coming from someone who loves stirfry >3)

  2. Janice Says:

    I noticed when I first started taking pics of meals, that there wasn’t as much green stuff as I thought. My hubby can’t eat too much veg, especially if they aren’t cooked (he has Crohn’s disease). I found the easiest way to boost things for me, was also to have fruit with breakfast and veg with lunch where possible.

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