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What do you eat now that you didn’t have as a child?

February 1, 2009

or vice versa – are there things you used to eat that you don’t now? I got to thinking about this when writing my week two story for 52 stories. I never ate yoghurt till I fed it to my first child. Chinese and Indian, indeed any ethnic ‘take-away’ foods were unheard of in my childhood. We didn’t have gravy with our roast dinners – and I’m still useless at making gravy. I never had sweetcorn (either canned or frozen, or on the cob or mini), courgettes, aubergine, mange tout or sugar snaps. We seldom had rice or pasta – when we did they were considered exotic. We certainly never had curry.

Is there anything I ate then that I don’t now? Probably although nothing springs to mind. Jelly and blancmange, perhaps. But I suspect that is more to do with it being a children’s dish rather than it being ‘of it’s time’ (although it probably true too.

I certainly ate a lot more cakes in a greater variety then than I do now. My mother made wonderful cakes. As well as the chocolate eclairs mentioned in the story – with tinned cream inside and chocolate icing made with cocoa powder on the top – she made coconut pyramids and cream horns. She had special tins for these. The cream horns were made by wrapping a long thin strip of puff pastry around a cone-shaped tin, egg washing it and sprinkling with sugar. After it was cooked and cooled a spoonful of strawberry jam was put in the bottom and the rest of the cone was filled with (tinned) cream.

Mum also made something that didn’t have a name. We just called them ‘those round pineapple things’. This was a circle of shortcrust pastry – the size of the tin which pineapple rings came in – topped with a ring of canned pineapple. On top of that went another circle of pastry – this one had a hole cut out of the middle, to correspond with the hole in the pineapple. The hole was filled with a meringue mixture before baking it in the oven. Which reminds me, pineapple always came from a tin, never fresh. Avocados were also something I didn’t see until the late 1990s.

So what about you?