For one day only – pigging out after the blood tests

I’ll have to go back to dieting after today because (a) I have to wait a week to see if my blood is ‘blood lite’ or ‘full fat, high sugar’ – till I have passed the the NZIS MA’s satisfaction, I can’t be too silly with food – I don’t want to be the cause of us not being allowed to emigrate.
(b) I still need to lose weight anyway.

Now that the plan is to go in September I could get down to a decent weight (just at the high end of okay) by then if I try really, really hard.

So what’s in the pictures?
Breakfast: Special K bar (in the car, after I no longer needed to fast) follwed by two hot cross buns in the office. No spread in them as I didn’t have any with me.

Mid morning: someone brought these in to the office – banana and malteser muffin. It was rather heavy and stodgy – not as tasty as the muffins I make!

Lunch: pasta with spinach and pinenuts (and oil – most of which Ileft at the bottom of the container – not a low-calorie lunch!)

Mid afternoon (really shouldn’t have needed it): hot cross bun and three sweets

Dinner: Jacket potato & mince (half with carrots, half as bolognaise)
I cooked the potatoes in the combi-oven – the fisrt time I’ve used that function in the three years or so I’ve owned it. They came out really well.

In the evening: the last of the choccies!


2 Responses to “For one day only – pigging out after the blood tests”

  1. Sile Says:

    I think I just gained 10lbs just looking at the pictures! LOL

    I really hate that I’ve fallen off the food wagon. I don’t really eat more, but I’ve been eating the wrong stuff this winter. Since it’s spring, I’m starting to crave salads again, which is a good thing! 😀

  2. jacqib Says:

    Sile, I know just what you mean. Same quantity (more or less) of food but much higher calorie content 😦
    Still, as you say, it’s spring.

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