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prawn and mushroom quickie

April 25, 2009

We had lots of mushrooms left from our trip to the farmers’ market last week. I’m off to Turkey later today and wanted to use them up. I knew my SO would probably not use them. There was a bag of spinach as well.

I took some raw prawns from the freezer and threw them in a dry pan on a low heat to start the thawing process.
Meanwhile, I chopped half an onion, three-quarters of a red pepper lurking in the fridge, and peeled the mushrooms. (You don’t have to peel mushrooms but I just do).

After removing the thawing and just-starting-to-tinge-slightly-pink prawns from the pan and setting them on some kitchen paper in a bowl, I wiped the pan and heated some oil.

I fried the chopped onion and peppers, then added the mushrooms.
While they were colouring I put some spinach in a pan with hot water and a little salt and put the lid on it.
I threw the prawns back in and cooked them through.
Finally I put in a good spoonful of the chili jelly we bought at the farmer’s market and melted it in, ensuring everything was covered and the jelly (now a sauce) was warmed through.

I put the prawn & mushroom quickie on a bed of the spinach and served it with a Marks & Spencer garlic & parsley butter ciabatta.

It was really nice. Quick and light. I’ll definitely do it again.