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Day 00: October 15th: From London to New York

October 31, 2009

What I ate today:
An airline meal (Delta – Milan to JFK): Chicken with risotto and almost raw brocolli. I also ate the cheese and crackers that came with it but not the salad (I made the mistake of putting the rather nasty dressing on it), nor the roll. Are cattle class airline rolls ever edible?

An airline egg and tomato roll: this was given to me as breakfast on the first (BA) flight from London Heathrow to Milan. I didn’t eat it at the time – it did not look nice and I just couldn’t face it. Rik kept it for me and gave it to me later. Despite being a textureless bap type piece of bread and some egg and tomato chopped so finley you could safely feed it to a small baby, it didn’t taste too bad. I wouldn’t want one again though!

After getting to our hostel, too tired and jetlagged to to any further, we went into the second eatery we stumbled across. This was the Palacio Azteca at 1374 York Ave (between 73rd St & 74th St) New York, NY 10021 (212) 249-7313 (no web address found).
Day 00: Chips & salsa Palacio Azteca Day 00: Dinner at Palacio Azteca
I had a rather nice piece of steak, some shrimp (prawns) a tasty salad, served wtih green salad, Mexican rice (as far as I can tell it just means it has some tomato in it) some guacamole and a bean thing that was far nicer than it looked. It was a lovely meal in a small cafe-type establishment. No drink licence but you can BYO and we were directed to a beer shop a few doors down. They were also happy to bring us tap water and we got complimentary chips’n’dip while we waited.
Rik’s meal was similar bbut with spicy prawns and no beef.

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Now – The Travelling Photo-dieter

October 27, 2009

Photo-dieting while on my trip was going to be too much bother. But was it?

I realised that it was a perfect time to record the food choices I made, the food choices available to me, and the different places I ate. I’ll be travelling for nearly three months between leaving the UK and arriving in New Zealand. All but two of those weeks will be in the United States. We’ll betravelling from New York to Los Angeles. Then we’ll have two weeks in Rarotonga int eh Cook Islands.

So I decided to get the camera out at mealtimes again. To choose the ‘heathy choice’ where there was one, and not to worry too much when there wasn’t. I’ll photograph the food and, when I can, the place in which it was eaten or bought.

I missed photographing a couple of the meals on the first day or so as I’d not yet decided I was doing this.