Sushi from Woodward Street

I don’t know a lot about sushi. When I lived in England there were some sushi places in central London but it seemed to me that you had to know about it, to understand what you were getting. Then it spread to the supermarkets and the supermarket versions I tried were, of course, mass-produced and, unsurprisingly, not fabulously fresh or fabulous at all. They were also quite expensive for what you got.

Here in New Zealand almost everyone I know eats sushi. People often have it for lunch or a snack. There is at least one chain of sushi places but also lots of little individual sushi shops. I try to avoid chains. There are so many good individual food places here in Wellington, both food shops and cafes and restaurants to try. I’ve heard good things of, and seen the long queues outside, the sushi place in Woodward Street. Today I bought some there for the first time. I chose ones that didn’t have sauces over the top as I wasn’t sure I’d like them.

I don’t know the names of any of these so please feel free to educate me.

Top row, left to right:
Avocado – a little too ripe and squishy to be perfect.
Gorgeous! Chicken in some kind of sauce with carrot and avocado. Sesame on the outside.
Rice with salmon on top – do they call this type nigiri?
This one was rice all the way through with this strange fried-looking cover over it. between the ‘cover’ and the rice there seemed to be something juicy and slightly sweet. I’m not sure if it was a separate ‘something’ or if it came from the ‘cover’. It was nice though. I’d definitely have this one again. I’d love to know what it’s called.

Bottom row, left to right:
Gorgeous – beef in some kind of sauce with carrot ad cucumber.
I’m not sure if this was prawn, or minced prawn and other stuff in a prawn shape. Tasted good though. with lettuce and carrot.
Another avocado one.

There were no prices on anything but this whole lot came to NZ$4.20. A bargain!

A friend told me that the one near Midland Park is good, too. I’ll try that next


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