90 Day Challenge Day 1

A friend mentioned a 90 day challenge that she and her family were doing to support each other and lose weight. They kindly let me join them.

Today was day one.
I started with a breakfast of homemade muesli and some yoghurt. A lovely rhubarb-topped creamy yoghurt that probably isn’t diet friendly but I needed to use it up.

Lunch, because I had nothing healthier in the house, was home-made bread and some pate (and butter).

I’m between contracts at the moment so, after a morning looking on TradeMe for jobs I decided to go for a walk. I wanted to ‘recce’ a walk for my walking group, Wellywalks. So I took the train to Paremata to walk the Ara Harakeke Way. It was a disappointment that I’ll go into later. I’m just glad I didn’t schedule it as a meetup without doing the recce first.
After walking 10.5km I bought a Turkish Delight at the shop where I asked directions to the railway station. I’m going to ache tomorrow.

Dinner was mashed kumara and pumpkin with a stir-fry of lean pork and peas. I’m still putting too much on my plate.


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