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Now – The Travelling Photo-dieter

October 27, 2009

Photo-dieting while on my trip was going to be too much bother. But was it?

I realised that it was a perfect time to record the food choices I made, the food choices available to me, and the different places I ate. I’ll be travelling for nearly three months between leaving the UK and arriving in New Zealand. All but two of those weeks will be in the United States. We’ll betravelling from New York to Los Angeles. Then we’ll have two weeks in Rarotonga int eh Cook Islands.

So I decided to get the camera out at mealtimes again. To choose the ‘heathy choice’ where there was one, and not to worry too much when there wasn’t. I’ll photograph the food and, when I can, the place in which it was eaten or bought.

I missed photographing a couple of the meals on the first day or so as I’d not yet decided I was doing this.


A Full Week of Photo-Dieting

January 9, 2009

Well I’ve restarted the photo-dieting for 2009. I didn’t bother over Christmas because I gave myself permission to snack and nibble.

The photo above shows my best day this week. All healthy, all weighed and counted. But recording what I eat on the bad and the not-so-good days is important too. The rest of the week looked like this:

Friday 2nd Jan:
Friday 2 Jan 09
Saturday 3rd Jan:
Saturday, 3rd Jan
Sunday 4th Jan
Sunday, 4th Jan
Tuesday 6th Jan
Tuesday, 6th January
Wednesday 7th Jan
Wednesday, 7th January
Thursday 8th Jan
Thursday, 8th January
Clicking on any of the photos will take you to the original on my flickr stream which tells you a bit more about them.

Tomorrow should be okay-ish. On Saturday we are going out for lunch and on Sunday we are off to Sharm-el-Sheikh in Egypt for a week so the food should be interesting!

I’ve exercised quite a bit this week.
On Monday I swam 25 lengths.
On Tuesday I did my first ever pilates class.
On Thursday I did my first relaxercise class. I had hoped to do my second pilates class as well but the instructor was delayed.
On Friday I will be back at ‘splashy’ (aqua aerobics) and hope to swim before the class.

Next week I’ll be swimming – in the sea and a pool, I hope – and will use the hotel gym.

2009 Photo-Diet Project

January 2, 2009

Well it’s just a few weeks till my birthday. I’m not going to be anywhere near my target weight for my 50th, but I am fitter and a bit slimmer (about two dress sizes).

I have a couple of new members of my Photo-Diet Project Group (now renamed 2009 Photo-Diet Project – feel free to come and join us) on flickr so I really had to get back to photo-dieting. There is still holiday food in the house to be eaten. I have drinks that need to be used before I emigrate. But, there is no reason not to get back on track.

Well, there is one reason. In a week’s time I’m off to Sharm-el-Sheikh for a week so I won’t be in charge of what’s on offer at mealtimes. I will be incharge of what I put on my plate and in my mouth though. I will be exercising – will be snorkelling and have a new (UK size 14) swimming costume bought today.

Today’s food:
Breakfast: muesli (berries & cherries) and semi-skimmed milk

Lunch: (at the shops) wholemeal sandwich: duck in hoisin sauce, cucumber, celery, tomato (I had 3/4 of this)

Afternoon snack: 2 satsumas, 3 maltesers, a bit of Galaxy, a choc liqueur

Dinner: fish in butter sauce, boiled potatoes, petit pois

Evening drink: Limoncello

I also had about five cups of tea with sweetener and ss milk.

Academics Prove I am Right: Photo-dieting helps you lose weight

September 5, 2008

A friend sent me a link to an article in the online version of The Daily Mail newspaper. The article was headed ‘The Flash Diet: taking photos of meals helps slimmers lose weight’.

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison asked 43 people to record what they ate in both words and photographs. They found that

‘photo diaries were a far more effective and accurate record of daily calories and a far more powerful disincentive to overeat.’

I, and the others who have been doing this for some time, know this to be true. However, I have to disagree with the assertion that seeing the photos of how much they ate gave dieters ‘a guilt trip’ about how much they ate. It isn’t clear whether that came from the research or from the reporter. As it is the Daily Mail, I suspect the latter. Guilt trips are not a healthy attitude to eating or dieting and weightloss. Guilt trips are not what photodieting is about.

I think of it, as the subtitle of my blog says, as ‘food re-education through a lens’ with the emphasis on re-education. About what I eat, when I eat and how much I eat.

Still it’s nice to know that university academics agree with me, even if their sample size was less than half that of the members of the flickr Photo-diet Project group.

Scale Woes and Food Choices

August 4, 2008

I achieved one of my goals today. My original blog is Countdown to Fifty where I listed the goals I wanted to achieve before my fiftieth birthday. Getting my degree was number two. Today I got my BA.

Goal number one was (and remains) ‘losing weight’.

Scale Woes
My tummy isn’t going away. My bum is getter smaller, the waist must be smaller because I can get into clothes that wouldn’t fit before, but there is still all that horrible blubber hanging around my middle.

A few weeks ago, just after I started using the gym with my personal trainer, the scales were registering good losses and I was happy. However, the batteries died and when they were replaced the weight seemed to have reappeared. Seems my loss was acatually a loss of battery power.

Of course I’m pleased that my clothes are getting looser, but it’s good to have that confirmation on the scales. Yes, I know that I will have been building muscle and that muscle is heavier than fat. But the belly is still hanging around.
Food Choices
For a while I’ve toyed with the idea of eating good quality pre-packed meals, at least during the week, to make sure I don’t put any extra on my plate. It kind of goes against the grain for me to do that as I really enjoy cooking and like toknow what is inside my food. However, I have so much to do at the moment that not having to cook on a weeknight would be good. It leaves the problem of what to do about my SO’s dinner. Buy him a ready meal as well? Expensive and he doesn’t need to loose (much) weight. Make him cook for himself?

I do have / have had portion-controlled home-made ready meals in the freezer before but usually they need veg or starch (rice, potatoes, pasta) added to them. Again, it takes time and I put on too much.

But the idea of only having in the fridge/freezer exactly what I will be eating, and nothing else is tempting.

Today’s food:
Monday, 4th August
Monday, 4th August

Food/Drink Serving Cals Prot Carb Fat Fibre F&V
Muesli, Simply Delicious, Dorset Cereals* 35g 128.1 3.8 20.7 3.3 2.6
blueberries 30g 18 0.3 4.1 0.3 0.9
Milk, Semi Skimmed 200ml 98 6.8 10 3.4 0
244.1 10.9 34.8 7 3.5
prawns 85g 65.2 14.9 0.2 0.5 0
spring onion 4g 1.1 0.1 0.1 0 0.1
avocado 70g 133 1.3 1.3 13.7 2.4
cherry tomatoes 40g 7.6 0.3 1.3 0.1 0.4
206.9 16.6 2.9 14.3 2.9
strawberries 180g 49.7 1.4 10.7 0.2 1.7
Optifit blueberry 100g 125 4.6 14.1 5.6 0.1
174.7 6 24.8 5.8 1.8
M&S nb Curry Chicken Thai green 400g 400 36.8 49.6 5.2 5.6
runner beans 200g 38.7 2.7 5.5 0.7 4.4
438.7 39.5 55.1 5.9 10
Cals Prot Carb Fat Fibre F&V
totals for Monday 4th August 1064.4 73 117.6 33 18.2 9.1

Nutrition: What I ate today

June 2, 2008

This is how my food was divided up today.
The tick is because it is pretty close to what weightlossresources say it should be.
But I only had 2.1 portions of fruit and veg, which is not nearly enough and nowhere near my usual. This is the first time I’ve tried making something like this in photoshop (or anything else).

The photo below is what I actually ate.

 1003 calories

Breakfast: 100g Optivita pineapple dessert, small tin of pineapple (with the juice in a glass) and a 90 cal Special K bar.

Lunch: 4 savours, one 16g Cote Sud cheese with nuts, 16g Cote Sud cheese with cucumber & chives, 32g cherry tomatoes
Mid afternoon munchies: 26g Dairy Milk Turkish Delight

Dinner: steak (74g), boiled potatoes (160g), mushrooms (50g), orange peppers (26g), petit pois (46g)

Total: including spray oil for the frying and 200ml lemonade on waking:
1003 calories; 40g protein; 140g carbs; 32g fat; 9.5g fibre; only 2.1 fruit & veg